Clemson Institute for Educational Research Evaluation and Assessment

This proposed center would support all ClemsonFORWARD strategic innovation clusters: advanced materials; cyberinfrastructure and big data science; energy; transportation and advanced manufacturing; human resilience; health innovation; and the sustainable environment in that all programs and funding that support these areas require assessment and evaluation. This is particularly true for the research and education outcomes of these initiatives. A steering committee composed of faculty, staff, and administration will be developed that reviews the work. The steering committee will also work to provide vision for the center.  Affiliated faculty and staff will be identified as those that can provide services and support for the faculty member and the center.

A center will serve as a source for external evaluation of grants and programs existing outside of Clemson. This would be a source of revenue for Clemson and for the personnel of the center (summer salary, course buyout, etc.). Faculty/personnel are asked to serve as evaluators for grants and the development of a center could grow and enhance this. This component helps Clemson further its land grant mission. The center would perform research on assessment and evaluation to determine the best practices. Additionally, the center would serve as an educational hub for Clemson and external personnel to learn assessment and the best evaluation practices as well as how to effectively engage with evaluators and develop IRBs.

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