Undergraduate Students

Emma Buell is a junior civil engineering major at Clemson University. She is involved with many different activities on campus. This is her fourth semester with the UPIC program, and she is currently working with Jennifer Brown on her M360 and S-Stem research. Previously, she has worked on the group’s social media pages and Steven Edalgo’s research about transfer students in Calculus II. She looks forward to working with the team and learning about a variety of topics.

Emma Buell

Madison Pollock is a senior Biological Sciences major and Psychology minor at Clemson University. She is a member of the Clemson University Honors College and is a member of various clubs and organizations on campus. She joined the UPIC program during the Fall 2021 Semester and currently works with Dr. High’s research team. She is performing research focused on course redesign of a STEM Online class that aims to aid both graduate students and faculty in improving methods of online teaching and learning. Her experience in social media management allows her to partner with Cate Tedford in organizing the social media for Dr. High’s research team.

Madison Pollock

Kendall Sims is a senior Industrial Engineering major at Clemson University. She has previously held UPIC positions and is working as a part-time student for Dr. High’s research team this semester. Kendall will be assisting with the organization of Dr. High’s lecture recordings for ESED-8720, the 360 Project in collaboration with Penn State, and the team’s social media platforms. Kendall hopes to continue her education with a Masters in Data Analytics and is so excited to learn about qualitative research studies and how to carry that knowledge into the Big Data field. 

Kendall Sims
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