Student Development

Space Operations Educational Research

(Keith Balts, Dissertation Research)

The goal of the Space Operations Educational Research is to understand the link between undergraduate experiences and performance as a space operator. Those who pursue a career in the Space Force come from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds and this research is working to determine which experiences in undergraduate studies lead to the most beneficial outcome within the role of a space operator. With more knowledge comes more ease in the recruitment process, selection process, inspiration, and education of those wishing to go into the Space Force.


SPECTRA is a scholarship program that makes receiving a Bachelor’s degree more affordable for students transferring to Clemson for Engineering and Computer Science. It is a 2-year scholarship that helps make dreams become a reality. Some of our team members conduct evaluative and exploratory research throughout the program to investigate solutions to issues that some transfer students experience. The goal of this project is to produce a sustainable and high-quality program that will meet the needs of all transfer students (courtesy of Luther Duncan).

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